Things to consider when investing in Real Estate

09 Nov

When starting out as a real estate investor, just selecting the “right” strategy can seem like a daunting process.Where do you invest? What type of property should you buy? Which strategy is right for you?

For many new investors it is tough to know where to start so I have put together a list of considerations to help you. A review of the pros & cons of the following will help with making a intelligent decision.

  • Should I buy Condos or Single Family Homes?
  • Which suits me better – Short Term or Long Term rental?
  • Should I consider a 2nd or Vacation Home?
  • How much to invest?
  • Should I buy with Cash or get a Foreign National Loan?
  • What ROR (Rate of Return) on my investment is acceptable?
  • What is my tolerance for market fluctuations?
  • Will I give to a Property Management Company or manage myself?
  • Should I buy Commercial Real Estate?
  • Should I buy Fixer Uppers, repair them and Flip them? 
  • What is my primary goal – Cash flow or equity growth?
  • How much time and effort I have to put into these investment?
  • Should I also go for LOCATION!!! or just focus on price?

As a real estate professional I can provide you with the pros & cons to better help you in your decision-making. Please send me an email at .

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