The Inventory Crunch May Be Over and More Homes Could Be For Sale … But At What Price?

16 Aug

The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 13, 2013)- Daily Real Estate News | Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Inventory levels are on the rise nationwide, which could soon mean the severe inventory shortages plaguing many markets the last few months may soon be nearing an end, according to the latest report from®. As home prices rise, more sellers may be testing the market, helping to increase the options for home buyers.® reported that 1.96 million homes were listed for sale in June — the highest number since last September. 

The markets that posted the largest rises in the number of homes for sale compared to one year earlier were: 

  • Atlanta: inventories rose 17.9% year-over-year
  • Sacramento, Calif.: +16.7%
  • Los Angeles: +6.8%
  • Orlando: +2.8%

All four markets have also posted strong gains in home prices the past year,® reports.

“At the current pace of sales, the supply of homes for sale is still very low, suggesting price gains are likely to continue,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “But the months supply is up slightly in a growing number of markets. This could actually boost sales — a major complaint of home shoppers and their real estate agents is that there’s a shortage of attractive homes being offered for sale.” 

Meanwhile, inventories of homes for-sale has fallen year-over-year levels in 26 of the markets® monitors. Inventory levels fell the most in Detroit (by –30.2%); Boston (–28.9%), Denver (–25.1%), and San Francisco (–19.4%). 

So while there may be a relief on the inventory side of things sellers are also going to be listing their homes at the higher prices because they see the market rising… the sooner you get in the better. …… Tel # 407-744-1827

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